Approved Training Providers

The IBP Institute has reviewed and approved several training providers whose programs, courses or textbooks sufficiently cover the topics that comprise the IBP Body of Knowledge. IBP Candidates may choose to study for the IBP Exam however they see fit, and the number of study materials needed will depend upon each candidate’s individual knowledge level.

IBP Candidates may decide to obtain all study materials from a single provider or create a study plan by mixing individual materials from several providers of their choice.

Approved Training Providers List

Below is a list of training providers who offer programs that cover IBP Exam topics.

Adkins, Matchett and Toy

Breaking Into Wall Street

Financial Edge

Training the Street

Wall Street Prep

Building Financial Models

  • Training for IBP topics: View courses
  • Format: Book
  • Author: John Tjia

"Investment Banking"

  • Training for IBP topics: View courses
  • Authors: Joshua Preal and Joshua Rosenbaum

Official Practice Questions

Registered candidates gain access to practice questions to better familiarize themselves with the format of the exam.  The practice questions are the only official questions provided by the IBP Institute. It is recommended that candidates review the questions after they have completed the study materials to gauge their preparedness. While the IBP Institute strives to provide sample questions that reflect the level of difficulty of questions that candidates can expect to encounter on exam day, the exam day questions may be more or less difficult than the practice questions.

Official IBP Practice Questions

Based on sample questions from previous IBP exams, the Official IBP Practice Questions guide is representative of the questions candidates will see in the IBP Exam.

Included with Exam Registration
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