IBP Exam Registration Pricing

What are the registration and exam fees for the IBP Program?

Registration pricing for Level I includes a one-time enrollment fee of $400 for new candidates, the full suite of official IBP Institute study materials and services provided by the IBP Career Center.  For details on the available exams, pricing and exam fees for both new and returning candidates, please visit the IBP Exam Pricing and Registration page.

How do I defer my exam date?

Candidates are allowed to defer their exam date once, but it must be before final registration closes for that exam and requires a $100 deferment fee.

In order to defer your Exam Day, please log into your account on the IBP Institute website and under the Registration section, please click the "Defer" button.  Once the fee is paid, you will be allowed to defer to one of the future exam dates currently scheduled.

No deferment or refunds will be allowed once final registration closes prior to the Exam Day.

What are the fees if I don't pass and I want to retake an exam?

If you do not pass, you are allowed to retake the exam and there is no enrollment fee.   Pricing follows the same Early, Standard, and Late tiered structure. See the IBP Exam Pricing and Registration page for New and Returning Candidate details.

IBP candidates must receive a passing score on Level I before they are allowed to register for Level II.   In the case of new candidates taking the exam in June, the earliest they will be able to take Level II (or retake Level I) is the following January since candidates do not get their results until August (registration for the August exam is closed at that time).

How do I pay the enrollment and exam fees?

The IBP Institute accepts payment with any major credit card. Register for the IBP Exam here.

Can I get a refund?

The IBP Institute does not provide refunds but will allow a candidate to defer the Exam Day once for a $100 fee prior to registration closing.