7 Steps to the IBP Credential

Below you’ll find an overview of the start-to-finish steps required to obtaining the IBP Credential.


Register for the IBP Exam

  • The IBP Exam is administered once per year in June.
  • Candidates must receive a passing grade on the IBP Exam to be eligible for the credential.
  • IBP Exam Pricing & Registration

Prepare for the IBP Exam

  • Once you have registered, you can log into your IBP Member Portal.
  • You’ll find all of the IBP Exam instructions and items to complete before Exam Day.
  • Prepare a study plan with approved training providers and get started.
  • Learn More: Studying for the IBP Exam

Sit for and pass
IBP Exam Day

  • The IBP Exam is a 4-hour online exams that can be taken from home.
  • Exam is monitored by a live online proctor via webcam.
  • Administered in the morning EST
  • Learn More: Exam Topics and Weights

Get Your Exam Results

  • You will be sent your exam results within 2 months of Exam Day.
  • If you pass, then you are eligible to recieve more benefits from the IBP Career Center.
  • If you do not pass, you can register for the exam to try again with no enrollment fee.

Prepare for recruiting with IBP Career Center

  • Upon passing the IBP Exam, candidates will be given access to the IBP Career Center.
  • Take advantage of resume review services, inclusion in the The IBP Yearbook, mock interviews and more.
  • Learn More: The IBP Career Center

Demonstrate relevant work experience

  • To receive the IBP Credential, candidates must demonstrate one year of relevant work experience.
  • Candidates may sit for the exam before, during or after this requirement has been met.
  • Learn More: Credential Requirements

Obtain the IBP Credential

  • Once you have completed the above steps you have obtained the IBP Credential.
  • Use the designation to demonstrate that you are equipped with the skill set necessary to succeed in the investment banking industry.