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IBP Scholarship Application

Deadline: Applications for IBP Scholarship Applications must be received 6 months prior to the target Exam Date

The IBP Institute is accepting applications from potential IBP candidates that receive at least 30% of tuition covered through financial aid from a 4-year accredited institution.

Students who are accepted under the IBP Scholarship Policy will be allowed to register for the IBP Exams at a 30% reduced fee.

IMPORTANT: Application Requirements

Students who meet the criteria listed below are eligible to apply. Your application will be evaluated by the IBP Institute based on your resume (uploaded on next page) and documentation of financial aid.

  1. Currently attending a 4 year accredited academic institution
  2. Received at least 30% of tuition covered by financial aid (documentation upload required)

The IBP Institute reserves the right to deny any application and will determine if the candidate background and documentation provided meet the requirements above.