The IBP Credential: The benchmark
for investment banking professionals

The most rigorous investment banking credential in the world

The IBP Credential was developed by a consortium of the industry’s leading practitioners, learning & development thought leaders and training providers in response to a growing demand by employers for professional standards. The exam’s body of knowledge contains the conceptual and applied skills directly relevant to investment banking.

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IBPI white paper

The case for common standards in the investment banking industry

Learn how the adoption of common standards will help employers develop junior investment banking talent and increase employee retention.

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"Liberal arts students who successfully pass the IBP Exam are the total package for investment banks – well-rounded while possessing the financial skills that place them on par with business students."

David Resnick, Former Head of Investment Banking at Rothschild

Who takes the
IBP Exam?

The IBP Exam pilot was launched in the summer of 2015 at three investment banks to incoming analyst and summer analyst classes. The exam was administered at five investment banks in the summer of 2016. New hires at eight banks sat for the exam in the summer of 2017. Registration opened to the public in 2017.

IBP Program Overview

IBP Candidate Group Profile, 2015-2018 IBP Exams1
Investment Banking56%
Private Equity16%
Other Finance28%
1Professional/academic status of IBP Candidates at time of registration for the 2015-2017 private and 2018 public exams

"The IBP levels the playing field for aspiring bankers by providing hiring managers with a highly reliable, widely-accepted standard against which to measure the desirability of new applicants. To this end, the IBP is a massive step forward in the goal of having a true meritocracy in the investment banking hiring process for students around the world."

Dr. Ben Sopranzetti, Professor of Finance at Rutgers Business School

IBP or CFA: Comparing the IBP with other finance credentials

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IBP Requirements: Exam completion and professional experience

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Prepare for the exam with the official IBP Exam study guides

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How much will it cost? Learn about IBP enrollment and exam fees

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